SNES Mini RGB Installation Service + Optional LED & Svideo

$ 7.00

Why Upgrade?

With this upgrade you can have the best possible analog picture. The RGB or Svideo upgrade will not change the outer appearance of the console. 

RGB AMP: The newer THS7374 RGB amp design will be installed. Has a jumper for 75ohm CSYNC signal or TTL output.

RGB Cables: Will work with CsyncLuma sync Scart RGB cables and more. This upgrade will output a 75ohm csync signal or TTL. Contact me if you have questions about this or which Scart cable to use.  "Sync on Luma" cables will only work if Svideo is installed but is a nice worry free scart cable solution.


Basic Service: Install THS7374 RGB amp only.

Deluxe Services: Install THS7374 RGB amp + Ghosting Fix (if required) Console case carefully cleaned. Most signs of dirt, scuffs and stains can be removed. (note: this will not remove deep yellowing from severe sun damage) Optional Power LED, NTSC-J Region Upgrade. Include your LED and Region upgrade request in the order notes. These features will only be installed if requested. (some customer do not like console shell alterations)

Optional Svideo:  Add this item to your cart is you want Svideo with your RGB installation. Some customer simply do not want or need svideo. Your choice :)

Other Options: 75ohm CSYNC signal or TTL output available. Let us know with method you prefer or contact us for help.



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