SNES Mini RGB Upgrade Service

$ 30.00

Why Upgrade?

With this upgrade you can have the best possible analog picture. The RGB or Svideo upgrade will not change the outer appearance of the console. 

RGB AMP: The newer THS7374 RGB amp design will be installed. Has a jumper for 75ohm or the (default setting) TTL output. 


Deluxe RGB Services + Svideo: Install THS7374 RGB amp + Svideo+ Ghosting Fix (C11 replacement) Console case carefully cleaned. Most signs of dirt, scuffs and stains can be removed. (note: this will not remove deep yellowing from severe sun damage) 

Optional: Power LED, NTSC-J Region Upgrade.  Include your LED and Region upgrade request in the order notes. Optional features will only be installed if requested. 

Other Options: 75ohm or TTL output available. Let us know with method you prefer. 


Before purchasing: Please visit our F.A.Q page for information on Ordering, Shipping, Delivery and other useful tips.

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