ETA for Console Services

The RetroFixes workshop is busy and was hit with a few delays this month. The Hurricane slowed us down!  Email responses will be limited during this time. Most pending orders will require extra processing time

Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this may have caused.

All listed times are approximate. ETAs can be affected by unforeseen issues. i.e shipping delays, custom part ordering, holiday season & other factors can extend processing times. 

    • N64 & SNES RGB Upgrades: 3+ weeks.
    • NES RGB Projects: Current turnaround time is 3+weeks.
    • Most other Upgrades: Expect a 3+ weeks.
    • Custom jobs may require extra processing time.

    Please view the store pages for current offerings. Sold-Out services will be restocked when the schedule permits. No ETA for restocks.

    If you have an order pending, thank you for your patience! I am working diligently to complete your order. Stay tuned for shipping notifications :)