Q: How quickly do orders ship-out from your store? Is tracking included?
A:  All items (non repairs) normally ship in 2-4 business days. Maybe faster but no guarantees. Tracking is included with all orders and emailed to customers.

Q: How long will it take to upgrade my console?
A: This is a high demand website! I have a page dedicated to ETA times here.

Q: Can I email you regarding order updates?
A: You can, but I assure you I am working around the clock to get orders out on time.

Q: Will you let me know when it is delivered at your shop?
A: Your tracking number is the golden ticket to information. The USPS website has a tracking and email notification system. They can email or text you when the item is safely delivered here. That will keep you up to date on deliveries.  If a delayed or missing incoming package is detected I will contact you.

Q: Did you receive my email?
A:  Please note, normal business hours are M-F 9-5 EST.  Emails are not answered on weekends. Most answers can be found on this page. Note: I seldom reply to emails if the answers are on the F.A.Q page.  

Q: I emailed you wanting console schematics and misc tech help. Why did you ignore my email?
Time is a limited resource here and I do not offer support for misc projects. I seldom reply to emails if the answer is on the F.A.Q page.  

Q: Where are you located?
A:  In North Carolina.

Q: Where do I ship my console for servicing?
A:  Read the Order Confirmation email. Every order is given exact instructions for shipment. Only ship to the address provided in the Order Confirmation email. Ship your item to the address provided and write your order # number on the box. Very simple. RetroFixes is not responsible for items shipped to incorrect addresses.

Q: Can I send you a previously modded console, broken barn-stored console or something with "issues" for an upgrade?
A: Ask First. We mainly offer preventative maintenance & upgrade services. Upgrades do not equal Repairs. Currently I am only focusing on upgrade orders. Poorly modded or broken consoles will be returned unless pre-approved.

Q: Can you place me on a waiting list for future products or restocks (i.e UltraHDMI)?
A:  Sorry I do not have the resources. It's a first come, first served webstore.

Q: Can you email me when the item is back in stock?
A: No, I do not have the resources.  This is a first come, first served website. 

Q: Can I cancel my Order?
A: Generally yes but it depends on the item or service purchased. A 15% restocking fee may be deducted if time/labor has been invested in the project.



Q: When will your item be in stock?  
A:  If the estimated restock date is known it will be listed on the store page title. 

Q: I'd like a service, mod or part that isn't listed on your site, can you help me with this?
A: Currently I am only offering what is listed on the site. If it's not listed on the website it is not offered.  New services & items are being added regularly.

Q: It's sold-out can I pre-order?
A: If PreOrders are allowed it will be clearly posted on the store page.



Q: I ordered a console upgrade service.  Where are the shipping instructions?
A:  INstructions for shipping your console to us will be emailed shortly. Most shipping emails are sent within 24hrs after payment.

Q: Should I include power adapters and controllers when I ship a console to you?
A: NO, Send only the main console or item being worked on.  I will not be held responsible for misc accessories hiding in packing peanuts.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information.  Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the Checkout page.

Q: What about international orders?
A: Game Consoles & Console Upgrade services are limited to USA only.  Kits, parts and other small items are offered to nearly all parts of the globe.   Most orders will ship via "First Class International"  this service requires 2-5 weeks for delivery. Please understand this before ordering. Faster services are available at $45+USD If you experience unusually high shipping rates or no shipping options please let me know. Complete Worldwide shipping rates are under construction.

Q: How quickly do orders ship-out from your store? Is tracking included?
A:  All items (non repairs) normally ship in 2-4 business days. Maybe faster but no guarantees. Tracking is included with all orders and emailed to customers.

Q: Who pays for shipping?
A: Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Q: How should I pack a console?
A: USPS offers free shipping boxes at the Office.  They do not offer free tape or padding.  Make sure to use bubble wrap or foam. Plastic consoles are not invincible and will break if not properly padded and boxed.  If in doubt use a UPS store.  UPS will box everything and make your life easier. Please follow these safe shipping guidelines! I will not be held responsible for cracked or chipped consoles.

Q: How expensive is shipping a console to your shop?
A: Shipping a console here (28715) can be as low as $7. Try FedEx if USPS rates are above $15. I have seen $40 price differences between USPS and FedEx rates!  You can use this shipping calculator for USPS price quotes: https://postcalc.usps.com/

Q: If I send my console in a huge, heavy & oversized box will it return in the same packaging?
A: No, most consoles will ship in medium sized USPS box. It's safe, reliable and will save you money.

Q: Can I purchase a console via eBay/Amazon and ship directly to you for upgrades?

A: Yes but ask first. Make sure the seller places the RetroFixes order number on the box or have your contact info with the shipment. 



Q. Are you a good tech?
A.  Bad techs do not stay in business.  My upgraded consoles are in the Google Inc building, Nintendo of America headquarters & Museum exhibits. Plus many Youtubers such as MylifeinGaming, The GamingHistorain & Mike Matei. View my testimonials page here for more customer feedback.

Q: Do you offer discounts if I send multiple consoles for mods?
A: Currently I only offer discounts on wholesale purchasing of parts and kits. No discounts are offered on labor/mods.

Q: Hey I saw a guy selling a mod for less. Can you price match?
A: A wise man once said "No One Wins the Race to the Bottom"  I offer the best prices for the customer & the business. This is not WallyWorld Mods:) You can view Wallyworld mods here

Q: Do you have a TERMS OF SERVICE page?
A: Yes, you can view it here


Q: How do I pay for my mod or repair?
A: The website will accept any Major Credit Card & more. 


Q: Can I return a game, part or upgrade kit if I no-longer want it.
A: General store items have a 7 day no hassle return policy minus shipping cost. Item must be returned in original unopened condition. Customer pays shipping.  Used Upgrade kits will not be accepted.