NES or Famicom NESRGB Upgrade Service (Instock Limited)

$ 225.00



**How the pricing system works**

  1. Please contact us with your desired install options BEFORE purchasing. 

  2. Pricing varies depending on console version, switches, ports and audio options installed etc.  NESRGB board and parts are included in the price quotes. More info on install options can be found here.

  3. Once the details are hammered out you will receive a price quote & checkout instructions.

  4. Visit this link for our RGB ETA times.


Currently I am only accepting NES Toploaders or AV Famicoms for RGB upgrades.

Will offer more options if/when the schedule permits.

Please visit our F.A.Q page for information & useful tips.


Available Options for RGB Installation:

Palette switch options: (changes color palette on screen)
-3 Position Color toggle switch usually placed at rear.
-No switch / Fixed Color Pallet set to normal

Connector options:
-3D printed Multiout connector SNES/N64 style. Outputs AV,  Svideo, and RGB. For Toploader NES only.

Suggested Options:
-Disable the NES Lockout chip
-LED Power Light install.
-Full console case cleaning. This cleaning process will remove most service dirt, marks and stains. Note: This will not remove heavy sun faded yellowing.
-Check and adjust 72pin connector (or replace if required).

Frontloader NES Note: The 72pin design in Frontloader NES consoles has a known design flaw.  The cleaning & adjustment is only a temporary fix. It will eventually fail again. A more permanent solution is the BLW / "Blinking Light Win"

The BLW device will eliminate game reading issues. Research the item and consider mailing it here with your console (not a stocked item but installation is free).


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