GameBoy Screen Protectors GBP,GBA,GBC,DMG

$ 1.99

Screen protector designed to fit exactly to the Original Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Color models.

High quality layered enhanced film.
Protects screen from scratches, dust and smudges.
Very Simple to install and remove.
1x Screen Protector



Clean the screen thoroughly with cleaning.
Peel off the half protector with the 1 label.
Place the exposed section of the film protector on the screen, making sure it is straight.
Finish peeling of the protector labeled 1 and applying it to the screen.
Peel off the protector with the 2 label.
Push the bubbles out (some use a credit card, others use the top of their fingernail)

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