Sega Dremcast Console Memory Battery Upgrade Kit

$ 9.99

  • One Brand New and Improved Dreamcast Battery & Holder
  • Battery is rechargeable.
  • Simple Step-by-step instructions available online, youtube etc.

Why Change the Battery?
Your poor little Dreamcast is lost in the past still thinking it's in the late 90s, naturally this is because the internal battery is drained.  Having an old battery will slow your boot time. Original DreamCast batteries stopped working long ago. Common symptoms are having to enter in the date every time you boot up your system.  Eventually the battery will leak causing permanent damage. If you love your dreamcast please consider replacing the battery!

What makes this battery system better?
All other Dreamcast batteries are soldered in and are expensive "one time use" Once the battery drains you must re-solder a new one and risk damaging the motherboard.  This battery holder and is the same size and fit as the original.  Once installed batteries are plug and play, they snap in and out with ease.

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