Nintendo Top Loader NES-101 Composite & Audio Upgrade

$ 28.00

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Why Upgrade?

The NES Toploader was a great console but only offered RF connection. Composite upgrade is a simple and affordable method of bypassing or removing RF.  Intended for US NTSC NES Toploaders only.  

Consider shipping your console here for clean & professional installation. 


All kits are sold with Kit & Wire only.  RCA jacks, TRRS, ports and other Audio Video output options are now sold separately.

  • Step by step instructions included for the RCA jack method.
  • Drilling holes in the case is optional! I always prefer not drilling 3 holes in the case for RCA jacks.
  • Several Audio/Video output jacks available. Choose RCA jacks or a TRRS 3.5mm  Port & cable. The TRRS method requires more advanced DIY skills.  The RF box needs to be removed (no instructions provided)
  • Or choose the our custom multiout rear panels. The RF box needs to be removed (no instructions provided)

NTSC Instructions can be found here:

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