Mini Din 8pin Cable & Scart Port Kit (Great for RGB projects)

$ 4.95

This is a common Mini DIN port found with many NESRGB upgrades.  This is also the input RGB port found on XRGB-mini FRAMEMEISTER.  

  • Each kit includes a cable, pcb and port.
  • The PCB is designed to help with port soldering and also allows audio lines to passthrough the cable.
  • Male to Male 8Pin Mini Din
  • Choose between a threaded and and non-threaded Din port. Threaded dins come at a higher cost and will not fit all case thicknesses.  The alternative is the non-threaded version and to epoxy the port in place.  Not ideal but a very common method with NESRGB din port installs etc.

No instructions or guides offered.  This kit is intended for the informed DIY enthusiast

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