Original Famicom Composite Upgrade Kit + Cable / Port Options

$ 18.95

Original Famicom Composite Upgrade Kit

This kit is very similar to the NES kit but with a few small changes.

Why Upgrade?
The Famicom was a great console but lacked quality video & sound. With this AV upgrade all Modern TVs and international users will be able to enjoy this console.   The video and Sound is crisp and clean. No static, fuzz or buzz  This kit adds composite video and uses the original internal from the motherboard audio.  Stereo audio is not offered for this Famicom mod.  Expansion audio for certain games would be omitted with stereo upgrades.

Included with all Kits:

  • Professionally manufactured PCB.
  • Every kit comes fully assembled.
  • Optional 3 RCA Jacks install method OR 3.5mm custom port, includes Gold RCA adapter cable.
  • Additional Jailbar removal parts can be included with the order.  This consist of Copper Tape (for PPU wrapping) Not all Famicom have Jailbars but at-least 50% do. Just ask or add to order notes at checkout.

Sorry but there are no Instructions or support offered for this kit.  This kit is a "early bird special" for those who wish to purchase before instructions are available. Made for hardcore DIY enthusiast and priced accordingly.

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