Turbografx 16 PC Engine CD Rom New Middle Gear

$ 13.95

Turbografx-16 & PC Engine CD-Rom Replacement Gear

The original gears commonly break from age.  If your CD-rom unit is not spinning it is most likely a broken gear.  There are many tutorials online discussing CD ROM gear replacement.

Quality Replacement gears are very difficult to locate. I have personally tested several of these aftermarket gears and I am prefer this batch.  These are made in limited runs.

Adding proper lubricant to the gears is suggested and will reduce wear and noise. A small amount of premium grade silicone lubricant can be added to your order. Will be enough for at-least 1 gear replacement. Simply select from drop-down menu.

What will you Receive?

  • One High Quality Plastic Gear   
  • Quieter than other gears tested.
  • Factory Fit
  • USA Seller with Fast Shipping
  • Optional Gear Lubricant Avavilble.

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