SNES Upgrade RGB Bypass or Vertical line Fix Service

$ 69.95

The original SNES is a classic system with RGB output from the factory. RGB video quality can vary greatly between motherboard variations.  Many models have faint vertical lines in the center frame or other video quality issues. With this service each SNES will be brought to its full potential. Contact me if you have questions about SNES options and pricing.

Note: The listing is for working SNES consoles. Not for "blank screen" or other major  audio/video problems.

(Basic Service)
1. Improve the video by removing the common center vertical lines. Usually seen against black backgrounds on early SNES consoles. RGB bypass amp installed on compatible models.
2.  Game slot is cleaned.
3. Install additional filter capacitors, better voltage regulator or bypass kit. Upgrade method depends on motherboard revision.
4. Motherboard checked for issues via SNES testing software and other methods. All ports and switches are cleaned.

(Deluxe Service) Upgrade the console to also play Super Famicom games from Japan. Optional mod that requires internal console shell cutting. Let me know if you want this upgrade.
(Deluxe Service) Clean and Polish the Case. Can remove most marks and stains.  This will not remove heavy sun faded yellowing.

(Deluxe Service) Certain motherboard revisions such as the 1Chip model will have a RGB bypass amp installed. Use this service for 1chip consoles.
(Custom Pricing) Can fix broken power ports on SNES systems. Broken power input jacks is very common with original SNES systems.  Full rear replacement panels can be installed. Contact us for pricing.


Warning:  Heavily yellowed SNES consoles are very brittle.  The chances of breakage during transit or during servicing is very high.  Please keep this in mind when shipping a deep yellow SNES console here.  Shell swapping may be a smarter option.

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