Sega Genesis Model 1 RGB Bypass Upgrade Kit

$ 29.00

This item is an RGB-bypass board for Sega Genesis systems.  At the moment, it's only been tested in NTSC Genesis 1 systems:

Instructions and more details can be found at RetroRGB Click Here

Installation is tricky and should only be performed by experienced modders.  Install this at your own risk or contact us for installation service.

Why perform an RGB-bypass?

Jailbar fix:  As shown in the picture above, performing this bypass removes all jailbars from the Genesis' output image. Please note that there are many different, easier ways to remove jailbars, however doing an RGB bypass is the only way that works consistently across all models.

New RGB Amp: All Genesis and SMS systems use a Sony CXA1145 chip to amplify the RGB signal. The CXA1145 is an excellent chip, however this bypass uses the newer Texas Instruments THS7314, which has a high-quality low-pass filter that removes unwanted noise. Using the THS7314 isn't a clear "better or worse" choice, it's mainly a preference. Some might argue that the "ringing" the CXA1145 produces creates the specific look of the Genesis that we're all used to and shouldn't be changed. I'll leave that up to you.

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