Sega Dreamcast Restoration Service

$ 69.00

Dreamcast service is for preventive maintenance of working systems.This is not a repair service for dead lasers or other issues.


DreamCast Service Level 1:

  • CD Laser checked.
  • Upgrade internal save battery to a modern rechargeable Lithium removable style. Matches factory fit and finish.
  • Laser Gears & Motor re-lubed
  • Adjust & Clean internal fan
  • Check PSU and motherboard for issues.
  • Custom new LED power color. (place your desired color in order checkout notes)

DreamCast Service Level 2:

  • Everything listed in Level 1 plus more.
  • VMU battery replacement and cleaning.
  • Include your VMUs for fresh batteries and general testing/cleaning.
  • Case cleaning and polish. Can remove most marks and stains. Note: Heavy yellow sun fading can not be easily removed.
  • Will replace laser with aftermarket unit if required.

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