Restored & Upgraded SNES with Improved RGB Vertical Line Fix (PreOrder

$ 99.00

This Item is Made to Order! Please expect at-least 10 business days for order fulfillment. Consoles and parts are in stock and ready to refurbish & upgrade.

This SNES has been restored and upgraded to enhanced gameplay.  This listing is for the console only. No cables, power adapters or games are included. The SNES listed here is the infamous 1Chip model.

  • Improved the video quality by removing the common center vertical lines. Usually seen against black backgrounds on early SNES consoles.
  • Game slot is cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner.
  • New Fuse & 7805 installed.
  • Motherboard checked for issues + SNES testing software ran. All ports and switches are cleaned.
  • Upgraded the console to also play Super Famicom games from Japan.
  • New Pico Fuse Installed

This SNES is in excellent condition as shown.  No chips, heavy yellowing or stains. The console will show slight signs of normal use. "Used but not abused"

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