Nintendo NES 101 Top Loader Composite AV Upgrade Service

$ 6.00

Why Upgrade?
Old RF connections have low quality audio and video. Also this connection is not compatible with many modern TVs. The old incompatible RF coax connection will be replaced with a Composite video signal. The video and audio quality will be greatly improved and is a much cheaper solution than RGB.

Each of my upgrades includes the Jailbar reducer install.  The PPU is removed and wrapped with copper foil and grounded. 

  • Choose from many different upgrade configurations TRRS, RCA Custom port, Multiport compatible with composite SNES/N64 and GC cables.
  • Professionally manufactured Composite PCB kit install.
  • Video Jailbar reduction included with every upgrade.
  • Rear of console will have a custom outputs for AV Composite video.
  • Motherboard is tested and set to original Factory Specs.
  • With TRRS the special gold RCA cable is included. I have upgraded the cable used in my photos. Now I include a 6' RCA male Gold cable!

Please visit our F.A.Q page before placing orders. Page contains info on ETAs, Ordering, Shipping, Delivery and other useful tips.

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