Nintendo N64 RGB Upgraded Console Perfect Picture!

$ 85.00

Currently all N64 Consoles are "Made to Order" to your specifications before shipment. These consoles will require 5-6+ business days for completion. Each console is restored, cleaned, polished and given a full testing and inspection. In other words you are buying the Best!  If you need expedient shipping please contact me before purchase.

 Visit this link for our current turnaround times.


  • N64 will work with all Nintendo cables. AV, Svideo & RGB Scart Sync on luma cable.
  • Console has our custom RGB amp installed.
  • Console is in very good condition. Polished and cleaned. Console will show slight scuffs and scratches from use but overall a very respectable example. Remember these consoles are vintage items.
  • Jumper PAK, Cables are optional items and not included by default. (currently soldout)
  • Optional (Deluxe Service) Power LED can be changed to Green, Purple, Blue. Default color will be red. (place your preferred color in order checkout notes)
  • Optional (Deluxe Service) region upgrade for playing USA and Japanese N64 games

Scratch & Dent Discounts

  • Sometimes we offer less than perfect consoles for sale.  These are fully functional RGB upgraded consoles with slight blemishes.
  • Each will have some type of cosmetic damage.
  • Possible stain, scratches, possible small chipped corner etc.
  • Consoles will look great at normal viewing distances. Better than most "mint" eBay listing etc.

    Why Upgrade?

    The original N64 mini did not have RGB outputs.  This service will install the high quality THS7314 RGB Amp.  When the N64 is upgraded to RGB it produces the Best picture possible. The colors and crisp pixels are amazing. After upgrade the n64 will be compatible with ALL current Nintendo multiport cables, AV, svideo & most RGB Scart cables.  The best Scart cable to use is the "Sync on Luma" cable. This upgrade will not change the outer appearance of the console. Everything is internal and the outer shell has not been altered.

    How to use RGB?

    Please understand the basic of RGB usage before ordering.  Special Scart cables or Upscaler boxes are needed for displaying RGB, if you have any questions about setting up this system please ask first.  Please note: N64 with RGB mods output composite video as sync.  The best Scart cable to use is the "Sync on luma" cable. Make sure your upscaler and scart cables are compatible with this setup.

    About RetroFixes
    Our work has been featured in the Google headquarters in WA, Nintendo of America building, Museums and high end collections around the world.  Our Feedback is top notch.

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