Nes TopLoader & Frontloader SNES/N64 Style Multiport A/V or RCA Socket

$ 24.95

Here I have several different socket kits for the NES TopLoader & FrontLoader that gives it the SNES Socket which allows you to use it with the various AV mods and not alter the physical shell of the Toploader NES.

The kits each include the socket, the bare PCB plug, a 3mm screw to hold the PCB in place and a DC Power jack (for the Full Mount Socket). All ports come in White only.

You may need a video upgrade kit if using the multiports. These custom ports do not magically produce new video signals. These ports are used in combination with video upgrade kits. You can find our composite upgrade circuits listed over here:


  • NES TopLoader RCA rear panel. A simple a clean solution for composite mods. Kit includes RCA jacks and power port.  Composite upgrade kits are sold separately.
  • NES Toploader SNES/N64 style Multiport:  Useful for simple composite mods or more complex RGB upgrades. This kit includes the custom port, power jack and connector pcb. Composite upgrade kits are sold separately. 
  • NES Frontloader SNES/N64 style Multiport:  This kit includes the custom port, screws and connector pcb. Useful for Frontloader RGB/Svideo upgrades. I do not sell RGB/Svideo kits.
  • SNES Original (not mini):  Replacement rear panel, often needed to repair broken power jacks. Plastic Moulding Process / Not 3d Printed.  Limited Quantities, listing can be found here


Please Note:  This kit is for advanced installers and requires removal of the RF box in NES mini / toploaders.  These parts do not come with installation instructions. If you lack soldering skills please consider our upgrade services and mail your NES here.

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