Nintendo Top Loader NES-101 Composite & Audio Upgrade Kit

$ 3.95

Why Upgrade?

The NES Toploader was a great console but only offered RF connection. Composite upgrade is a simple and affordable method of bypassing or removing RF.  Intended for US NTSC NES Toploaders only.

Kits Specs:

  • Step by step instructions included for the common RCA install method.
  • Select from complete DIY kits or bare kits without RCA jacks or wire.
  • Drilling holes in the case is optional! I always prefer not altering the case. Bare Kits (without RCA jacks) are available for custom port installations. This method requires more advanced DIY skills.  The RF box needs to be removed (no instructions provided)
  • View my other listings for custom multiports and RCA rear drop-in panels. Very popular items. Or use the TRRS jack and custom cable.
  • Check my other listings for LED upgrades kits, hookup wire and more.
  • Please ship your NES here for clean & professional installs!

Choose From:

  • Complete kit with PCB,Wire & RCA jacks.
  • Bare Kit: PCB only. No wire or RCA jacks.
  • Additional wire & port options can be found in our store.

NTSC Instructions can be found here:

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