Famicom to NES Game Adapter = 60 to 72 Pin Convertor

$ 19.95

What is it?

With this small adapter you can now play all the amazing NES Famicom games on the NES USA Toploader. Great option for playing rare games from japan. Like RockMan or cool games that were never released in the USA.

Note: Will not work with original Front Loader NES, (can only work if console is region free with lockup chip disabled)

  • Brand New Adapter.
  • Easy to Use / Plug and Play
  • High Quality Gold Contacts
  • Works with 99% of NES Famicom Games.
  • Ships fast from within USA, No long transit times.
  • The photo shows the adapter installed backwards (my mistake) simply flip the game and adapter around and it will bootup the game.
  • Optional Upgrade available with expansion sound enabled. Your console will require additional mods in order to fully work.

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