N64 RGB Upgrade Service

$ 89.00


Why Upgrade?

The original N64 did not have RGB output.  This service will install the high quality RGB Amp.  When the N64 is upgraded to RGB it produces the Best analog picture possible. The upgrade is internal and the outer shell will not be altered.

Standard Service:

  • Our Custom THS7316 RGB Amp is Install 
  • The N64 will output RGB with TTL Sync.  Compatible with the common 75ohm RGB scart cable.


Deluxe Service: Console Shell cleaned and faded plastic restored.  Also includes the Game slot JP Region Unlock.  Play N64 games from Japan & USA :)   Optional LED color change also included.  Please let us know which LED color you prefer.


Important:   Only for N64 consoles with serials NS1XXXX not NS2, NS3 etc. The motherboard must have a chip that reads “VDC-NUS”  There is always a chance that the motherboard of your N64 have been swapped.  Another easy method of checking  is to open your N64 and look at the motherboard revision.  Look for this code above the cart slot.   NUS-CPU-01, 02, 03, or 04 can be upgraded.    If it is NUS-CPU-05 or higher, it cannot.   Please contact us before purchasing if your have questions or concerns.

Before purchasing: Please visit our F.A.Q page for information on Ordering, Shipping, Delivery and other useful tips.

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