Magnavox Odyssey 2 Composite Mod Upgrade Service

$ 69.00

Why Upgrade?

The original system system had poor RF video quality. Many new HDTVs will not recognize vintage RF video signals. With this upgrade your sound and video will be much more crisp and clear. The service sold here is a great solution for Magnavox Odyssey 2 consoles.


What will you Receive?

  • Every console sent here will be upgraded and Internally Cleaned and Tested.
  • Will add Power LED if selected! Location and Colors options available. Led can be installed under the Red plastic power switch. Button will illuminate when powered on)
  • Clean Install of RCA Jacks on  rear side (3.5mm Jack to RCA also Available, example photo shown. Final pricing not yet determined)
  • Game slot and all connections will be professionally cleaned.
  • Motherboard is tested and cleaned.


Kit Quality:

  • Made with quality components & high tolerance metal film resistor.
  • Custom made PCB that looks wonderful.
  • Installation is clean and professional.

Steps After Ordering:

1 - After your Purchase You will receive the shipping address.
2 - Once received Console will be upgraded.
3 - Console will ship back via priority mail.

Check this link for our current turnaround times.

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