Macintosh SE PRAM Motherboard Battery Holder Upgrade

$ 2.50

Macintosh SE Motherboard Pram Battery Holder Upgrade

(Check my other listing for replacement batteries)

The Macintosh SE had a soldered Pram battery.  Those battery types are very challenging to replace and more expensive than the more common Se/30 battery sold here.  Later Macintosh designs featured this style battery holder design.

Once soldered into place all future battery changes are a breeze.  Battery Holder is compatible with Macintosh Classic, Classic II, Color Classic & SE/30 batteries.

- Hold 1 standard 3.6v batteries commonly used in Macintosh Classic, Classic II
Color Classic & SE/30
- 2 copper pins (Dia=1mm ,Long=10mm around).
- With PCB Pin Solder Lead.
- Optional Fresh Battery Included.

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