Intellivision Composite AV Upgrade Amp Kit NTSC

$ 25.00

Why Upgrade?

The original system system had RF video quality only.  Upgrading to composite video will make your Intellivision easier to view on modern displays.

Kit Details:

This amp is currently the best composite kit I have tested. It's not perfect and has some limitations but I've tried several different variations and designs for the Intellivision.  This kit shows the least amount of ghosting and color bleed vs other circuits tested. Several photos of composite crt screen shots are posted below. Your results may vary depending on the television type.

PROS:  No components are removed during the installation. Other upgrade kit designs (with near equal video quality) require complete removal of RF unit, very difficult for most home DIY installers. With this kitt only 4 wires are soldered to the motherboard.  The kit is easily removed and reverted back to original RF if desired.

CONS: For the cost and ease of installation this is a spectacular kit. Though you may see faint vertical lines on solid colors.  I uploaded a few screen shots of games with this upgrade.  

Works with:

  • Intellivision NTSC 1 & 2 Consoles only (I only provide instruction for model 1 at this time)

    Choose from:

    • Kit with Silver RCA Jacks.
    • Kit with Gold RCA Jacks.
    • Kit without Jacks or wire: Can be used in custom installs or the single 3.5mm jack method. Less holes need drilling in the consoles. Click here

    Basic Tools You Will Need:

    • Soldering Iron and Solder
    • Wire Cutters/Strippers
    • Drill with 1/4″  Bit.
    • A decent desoldering system, removing the RF shielding is the most difficult part of the installation.


    Instructions can be found here

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