Retro Game Repair Tool Kit Includes 4.5mm 3.8mm Bit + TriWing + More

$ 8.99

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This basic tool kit will open nearly all retro consoles.


Phillips Bit
Tri-wing Bit
3.8mm Bit
4.5mm Bit
Pry Opening Repair Tool
T6 Bit
T8 Bit
Triangle Paddle Pry Tool

3.8mm bits will open:

Original NES Nintendo game cartridge
Super Nintendo game cartridge
Nintendo 64 game cartridge
Original Game Boy game cartridge
Game Boy Color game cartridge
Virtual Boy game cartridge
Sega Game Gear game cartridge

4.5mm bits will open:

Sega Master System game cartridge
Sega Genesis System game cartridge
Sega 32x System game cartridge
Super Nintendo console
Nintendo 64 console
Game Cube console
Virtual Boy console
Game Gear console
TurboGrafx 16 console
TurboDuo console

T8 & T6 Security bit swill open:
Xbox 360, Xbox one controller, PS3 and other devices

Tri-wing Bit Will Open:
Gameboys & more

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