GameCube GC Restoration & Region Upgrade Service.

$ 79.00

GameCube Restoration Upgrade & Mod Service.

This service is only for Working GameCube systems only!

  • Laser is adjusted to optimal game reading abilities.
  • Ability for Region Free Games. Can play games from Japan or USA.
  • Remove Dust and Debris from Cooling fan and Internals. This can be a major overheating issue with GC systems.
  • Cd Laser cleaning and gearing relube
  • Optional New LED color (any color) *Deluxe Service*
  • Optional Case Restoration, Cleaning and Polish *Deluxe Service*
  • Common Question: Can this play dvd-r media after upgrade? ( technically yes but quality writable disc media is becoming very difficult to locate for the GC) Consider this option a bonus and not a promise.

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