AV Component to Scart Passthrough Adapter + Audio (Less than 5 in Stock!!)

$ 25.00

High Quality & Very Limited Item! After this batch there will be no more.

Component to SCART Adapter
This is a high quality adapter which converts component video and stereo audio to SCART. Please note that this adapter is directional, so it will not work in the opposite direction.

- Video input: component video (red, green and blue RCAs)
- Audio input: stereo audio (red and white RCAs)
- Audio/Video output: SCART

Retro Gamers:  This is specifically meant for gamers who use a SCART switch into an RGB monitor that accepts both RGB and component.  This adapter will allow for example a Wii plugged into the SCART switch and when it's being used, you simply need to hit the toggle switch on your PVM/BVM to go between RGB and component (and ext/int sync).  IMPORTANT - It will not work in any other scenario and if you are using a gscartsw, it will only work in port 1.

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