Atari 2600 Console RGB, Composite or Svideo Upgrade Service

$ 179.00

2600RGB Upgrade:

NOTE: Service not available for Atari Jr at this time OR the Original "Heavy Sixer" thick bottom shelled 2600. Contact us for details before ordering.  


  • Multiple video output options: RGB, S-Video, Composite.
  • Clearer Audio output
  • Switches between PAL and NTSC palettes automatically by detecting 50/60 Hz output.
  • Scart Cable can be purchased here. Assembly required. Ship cable with your Atari for assembly option. I can order and assemble this for you if requested.
  • Optional: Palettes Switch, select from 3 different color palettes.
  • Optional:LED power light.
  • Many custom options available. Contact us for custom services.

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