SNES or N64 RGB Upgrade Kit + Optional Svideo

$ 23.95

Why Upgrade?
In the good ol' 90s Nintendo decided not to install RGB on the SNES Jr or N64.  With this upgrade you can have the best possible picture with RGB video. This RGB upgrade will not change the outer appearance of the console and is easy to install.  This kit will also improve the RGB quality of  Original (non mini) 1Chip SNES systems.

Kit Specs:

  • Professionally manufactured THS7314 Amp PCB.
  • Every kit comes fully assembled with hookup wire.
  • Very Clear Step by step instructions included.
  • SNES Kit has Csync and optional Svideo. Also includes the 1.2k resistors for Jr installs.
  • N64 consoles must be the early NS1XXXXX serial numbers in order to be compatible. Will not work with later models.


Kit Version Available.

  • SNES Jr  & N64 RGB THS7314 Kit (most common kit)
  • SNES RGB with Svideo enabled THS7314 Kit. (not for N64)
  • SNES 1Chip RGB Bypass THS7314 Kit (svideo not needed)

Tools needed:
    Security Bit 4.5 mm to open console ( available in my store)
    Phillips screw driver.
    Soldering Iron and Solder.
    Wire Strippers and snipers.


 Reviews and info of SNES Jr RGB mods.  


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