SNES & N64 RGB Upgrade Kits

$ 2.00

Kit Specs:

  • Professionally manufactured RGB Amp PCB.
  • Every kit comes fully assembled.
  • Very Clear Step by step instructions included.
  • SNES Kit has Csync and Optional Svideo. (also TTL sync if required)
  • N64 consoles must be the early NS1XXXXX serial numbers in order to be compatible. Will not work with later models.
  • Installation Wire is optional from the drop down menu.


Kit Version Available.

  • N64 RGB  Kit
  • SNES Jr  RGB Only
  • SNES Jr RGB + Svideo enabled Kit. (not for N64 or original snes consoles)

Tools needed
    Security Bit 4.5 mm to open console ( available in my store)
    Phillips screw driver.
    Soldering Iron and Solder.
    Wire Strippers and snipers.


 Reviews and info of SNES Jr RGB mods.  


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