Sega Genesis Svideo + Composite & Stereo Installation Service

$ 79.00

Why Upgrade the Sega Genesis? 

Bored of Composite or RF video quality?  If you find RGB video options complicated or frustrating please consider this Svideo upgrade.  With this upgrade your sound will be converter to true stereo vs the bland mono. Plus you will have crystal clear svideo. I can also add a new LED power light per request.  

Visit this link for our current turnaround times on repairs & upgrades.

  • I offer several video and audio port options available. Contact with details about were and how your video/audio ports will be located.
  • Game slot, ports, switches cleaned and adjusted.
  • Optional Shell cleaning.
  • Optional LED Color Change.
  • Custom options available. 

Please visit our F.A.Q page for information on Ordering, Shipping, Delivery and other useful tips.

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