Macintosh Floppy Drive Repair Service Broken Eject Fix 128k, 512k 1mb,

$ 50.00

Mac Floppy not ejecting?

Contact us with details about your issues. You may have broken gear!

Note: Floppy Drive needs to be removed from the Macintosh prior to shipping.

This replacement gear is for Apple Macintosh 512k 400k/800k/1.44Mb floppy drives eject motor. (Built by Sony). They will also work for similar Sony drives found across early Mac models

This service will is to replace the small gear of the eject motor, which typically goes brittle and breaks after several years of use. The original gears can no longer be found, and these replicas are manufactured to be an exact match. These replicas are made of strong ultra-detail plastic.

Many other Apple II and Early Macintosh restoration and repair service are offered. Keyboard Repair / key replacement, Mouse cleaning and more. 

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