Apple 1 Reproduction DIY Kit

$ 520.00

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Very accurate Apple 1 reproduction Kit 

Comes with:

  • Apple 1 PCB,
  • the chip set,
  • the two transformers,
  • the cassette recorder, 
  • Adapter for using Apple II Keyboards
  • Spare Sockets


1) which type of printed circuit board (Mike Willegal's MIMEO or NewtonMikes board from Hongkong ?

This would be a NewtonMikes because I do remember ordering this and the chips from a nice fellow in HongKong

 2) are the sockets the precision machined types or otherwise ?

The Sockets are the spring type.  Only a few were soldered into place.  Most of the others were simply inserted and legs bent to hold its place.  precision machined sockets are also with this kit.  

3) how good is the soldering work? 

Clean solder work.  I am no rookie with the solder iron. The flux needs to be cleaned but that would be a later step in the build. 

4) is the chip set complete ?  Yes (it should be) I ordered a complete set (motherboard, sockets, connectors and chips) from they same vendor.  They are still in the original antistat holders.  Please take a look and let me know if it's missing something.  I count 63 ICs total & the motherboard has 63 blank sockets.

5) did you ever put the chips into the sockets to see whether it works?  No the project is not complete.  I soldered a few sockets,  power caps, diodes  etc.  This is not a completed project

6)  Does this come with a Warranty?  

Sorry not for something like this.   This is a pure DIY kit for professional Techs and skilled hobbyist.  No refunds.

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