NES Toploader RGB Console + AV Famicom RGB options.

$ 425.00

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NESRGB console will be built after payment.  Please contact us with custom NESRGB build request and deadlines before ordering. ETAs can be viewed here.

NESRGB 2.0 board will be installed. Motherboard is checked, fully recapped and .  housed in a clean solid condition system.

Power adapter and controllers sold separately (very limited stock)  Please use OEM original nintendo adapters.  Do Not use a NES power adapter on a JP Famicom!  Ask first if you have concerns,

-TopLoader version will  have a 3D printed multiout connector SNES/N64 style. Outputs Sivdeo, Composite, RGB (75ohm or TTL sync offered) 

-AV Famicom version with have the original factory multiout port. Outputs Sivdeo, Composite, RGB (75ohm or TTL sync offered) Note:  This console only plays JP games unless you have a special game adapter.


Other Specs:
-Improved Dual Mono Right and Left Channel.
-3 Position Color toggle switch placed at rear of console.
-Checked and adjusted 72pin 
-Motherboard checked and tuned-up
-Full ReCap.

-Optional LED Power Light (let me know if you want this)


Other Details:

-The console shell will not be in "mint condition"   You may see signs of use.  I will not sell yellow faded consoles.  The NES shell will be clean and free of stains.  It will look very similar to the stock photos.


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