(PreOrder) NESRGB Toploader Console AV Famicom or NES Toploader versions

$ 399.00

NESRGB console will be built after payment.  Most NESRGB projects require 4 weeks processing time.  Please contact us with custom NESRGB build request.

The ultimate 2.0 NESRGB board will be installed. Motherboard is checked and adjusted to factory spec.  Housed in a clean solid condition NES toploader console.   Power adapter and controllers sold separately.

Palette switch:
-3 Position Color toggle switch usually placed at rear.

Rear Connectors Offered
-TopLoader version will  have a 3D printed multiout connector SNES/N64 style. Outputs Sivdeo, Composite, RGB (Csync or TTL offered)

-Improved Dual Mono Right and Left Channel.

Extras: Included with every console
-Checked and adjusted 72pin
-LED Power Light
-Clean and polished Case
-Motherboard checked and tuneup
-New Power Cap and Voltage regulator install.


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