Sega Game Gear Capacitor Repair Replacement Service

$ 69.00

Sega Game Gear Capacitor Repair Replacement Service

Visit this link for our current turnaround times on repairs & upgrades.


Bad capacitors can lead to the following problems:

  • Low or no sound
  • Dim or no screen
  • No power

Optional New Screen Overlay:

  • New screens are a great option if your original is heavily scratched and scuffed.
  • While the new screen are very nice they are not a 100% match. I would suggest keeping your original unless heavily scuffed.
  • I will try removing all dust from the viewing screen. Though removing all dust from vintage game gears is near impossible. Please keep this in mind when ordering new screens.

Steps After Ordering Our Service:
1 - After your Purchase you will receive the shipping address during checkout
2 - Please pack your item securely and ship with a Mailing tracking number.
3 - Once received Console will be restored, repaired and tuned-up.
4 - Item will ship back via USPS with delivery tracking.


Game Gears Video Quality:  Remember that this is 1990s LCD Technology. Game Gears are well known for low contrast screens. It will not have the vibrancy and contrast of modern handhelds. My repairs will restore this game gear to its original glory.  It is not possible to greatly improve video quality to modern standards. This is vintage Tech.


About RetroFixes:
My work has been featured in museums and high end collections around the world.  My feedback is top notch and everyone is happy with my work. Every console sent here will be upgraded and Internally Cleaned and Tested.  Video Quality is checked on a SONY PVM Monitor these monitors original retailed for $2000. This monitor will detect any and all defects. Say goodbye to bad quality video output with this console!

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