Nintendo NES TuneUp & Restoration Service

$ 69.00

Why Service the aging NES?

This services focuses on the original Frontloading NES. This service will restore the console back to it's original specs and insure years of reliability. Internal parts will be checked, tuned and replaced. I offer many services for the NES. If you are interested in RGB, Svideo or Composite video upgrades please view my other store listing. 


Included in this Service:
  • Clean and Adjust 72 pin connector (better game reading) If the 72pin needs replacement a new aftermarket unit will be installed.
  • Remove Region lockout (fixes the blinking power light and allows homebrew & famicom games)
  • Replace Voltage Regulator with OEM 7805
  • Replace Power Caps
  • Clean and Check Controller, video and Audio Ports
  • Clean and Polish NES shell
  • LED color change if desired.
  • (Deluxe Service) Stereo or expansion audio upgrades possible.
  • (Deluxe Service) Install a modern voltage regulator that runs cooler and does not overheat.
  • (Limited Service) All options above can be installed plus a new 72pin connector (for nes frontloaders). Known as the "Blinking Light Win" This was designed to fix the old Nintendo carriage system. This replacement connector for the NES takes the major design flaw in the Nintendo and fixes the problem permanently. Each game will have a tight fit that does not require you to push down on the cartridge bay.  Contact us if interested in this service. You can ship the BLW with your NES console.


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