(PREORDER) UltraHDMI Nintendo N64 1080p HDMI Upgrade Service (Limited)

$ 220.00

**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PRE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

Ship your N64 here for UltraHDMI Installation.

Limited! This offer ends July 27th OR when 50 pre-orders are reached. Whichever comes first.

UltraHDMI is a very limited product.  Currently I can only offer pre-orders for this upgrade service.  The HDMI kits & parts will be in my shop 2-3 months after order placement. Consoles can be shipped here once kits are delivered.  Expect a 3+ weeks for completion after your console is delivered here. 

In a nutshell expect a 3 month+ turnaround time on this order.

Please visit the F.A.Q  page before contacting us regarding this item. 

Services Available:

  1. Basic =  HDMI Install only. No other mods or custom options included.

  2. Deluxe = HDMI Install + Region NTSC-J Game compatibility + Case Cleaning + UltraSonic Cart Slot Cleaning + Optional New LED.  All switches, ports and jumper slot cleaned. Plus Optional RGB amp install, available for early NS1XXXXX serial numbers.  (if selecting this service contact us with your custom install request)
  • Cable: N64 UltraHDMI requires use of a MiniHDMI cable to fit the rear port.  You can find MiniHDMI to HDMI cables from many online retailers. View photo for example.
  • Important: This upgrade service is for working consoles (must boot games & not suffer from random reboots etc).  If your N64 is non-functional or damaged please contact us before ordering a UltraHDMI upgrade service.

PreOrders can not be canceled/refunded. Please fully read this listing before purchasing!

Download the easy Quick Start PDF link

My life in Gaming (great videos!!)  recently revied the N64 with the HDMI upgrade.  You can skip to 12:03 to view the HDMI info.

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