Atari 2600 Console RGB, Composite or Svideo Upgrade Service

$ 59.00

Mail your Console here for superior upgrades and restoration services.

Why Upgrade the Atari? The original Atari 2600 had very poor RF video quality. Many new TV's will not recognize the RF signal from vintage consoles. 

Upgrade Options Available:

Atari Jr. Simple Composite Kit: Owners of Atari Jr systems can use the economical composite kit.  The Atari Jr circuitry works great with the basic composite kits. This option is not available for the 4 or 6 switch original Atari 2600 systems.  This upgrade uses a small 3.5mm jack for video and audio output. 6' RCA Adapter cable included.

Svideo / Composite Kit: This kit offers a clean and crisp video upgrade for the 4 and 6 switch Atari 2600 models.

RGB / Svideo / Composite Kit: The RGB upgrade process uses more expensive and sensitive components compared to the methods posted above. This kit has the abilty to output RGB,Svideo & Composite. This kit is not compatible with the Atari Jr.

Regardless of upgrade service selected all systems will be refurbished, cleaned and checked for issues before upgrading.

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