TurboGrafx 16, PCE or DUO - JP/ENG Game Switch Upgrade Kit

$ 9.95

Limited Qty Available.

Dimensions are 0.70" x 0.850" by 0.15" for the main chip, and 0.70" x 0.65" x 0.15" for the switchless control chip.

These chips will work with a SPDT slide switch just like the other IC based region chips. These require that you cut 8 of the connections going to the hucard slot and run wires to them. If you don't feel comfortable soldering very small connections, you should probably have this done by someone experienced.

Optionally, a second control chip board can be used to run the board 'switchless'. By 'switchless' we mean there will be no switch mounted externally on the device. This was designed for the portable systems so one doesn't have to cut up their Express or GT (or maybe even LT ) to perform a region switch. In this setup, the original region is default and the second region is selected by holding the select button while powering the unit on.

NOTE: Switchless vertion does not work on console systems! It still requires a button press on boot which cannot be done on consoles like it can on portables!

Instructions will be emailed when requested.

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