1UPcard Game Cleaning Kit X3 Pack

$ 9.95

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  • Restores games for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, N64, Atari and more.
  • Durable cleaning card cleans as many games as a box of cotton swabs. (depending on game condition)
  • Use with your preferred cleaning fluid (normally isopropyl alcohol)
  • Super simple.
  • Super fast. I personally use these in the workshop often.  Great little tool!
  • Humbly made in the USA.

Q: What games does it work on?

A: Works perfectly with Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, N64 and others. Not recommended for Gameboy.

Q: How many games can I clean with one card?

A: It depends.

When using the 1UPcard for routine maintenance on games in decent condition it will last for 150+ uses.

The fluid pad actually draws the dirt and corrosion into the pad, so even when it starts looking rough and worn, it still effectively cleans and polishes the contacts. You can also rinse the pad out with soap and water when it becomes visibly dirty.

Note: When batch cleaning, you should be able to clean at least 10 cartridges before having to re-moisten the fluid pad. The kit provides more than 100 applications of cleaning fluid.

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